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Are you the definition of a Mogul Chix? Amazing things happen when determined, focused, Female Founders and Women Entrepreneurs come together and push each other beyond their fears and boundaries.

The big conversation is that Female Founders don’t have the same privileges and access when it comes to getting funding. There are many myths surrounding women led ventures (they’re not scalable, they’re not strong enough to gain real market share, they’re hobbies, they’re not positioned to make a real impact).

That’s where Mogul Chix comes in. We believe in helping women led companies get investment ready so that excuse can be eliminated. While there are great women led ventures out there, some just aren’t prepared to scale or grow. And that lack of preparation is what keeps some investors away.

As a member, enjoy one year of a cooperative, collaborative, educational environment that will allow you to develop the skills to build and lead scalable companies from validation to acceleration to funding readiness to local, national, and international growth.

Enjoy structured networking, introductions to ideal channel partners and vendors, connections with investors, peer to peer accountability and relationships with high achieving Female Founders who play on a bigger scale.


Highly individualized business education program to grow and scale your company to make it investible.


Connect with like-minded Female Founders, channel partners, mentors, advisors & investors


Special rates for B2B services offered by vetted vendors and partners with services to grow your company


Private events, mentorship, workshops and resources to help you grow as a Founder and/or CEO


Members only events to help you develop long term relationships with key decision makers & influencers.


Advisors work with you to take your business model & brand and develop growth strategies with actionable steps

General Mogul Chix Membership

One year of Mogul Chix general membership includes:

  • * Unlimited video library

  • * One Business Model analysis (value: $750)

  • * One Revenue Model analysis (value: $750)

  • * 50% off admission to Mogul Chix hosted events

  • * Two 30-minute advisory sessions (value: $1,500)

  • * Free access to Mastery Class Series (value: $299 each)

  • * Access to private Facebook Group

  • * Monthly accountability check-in calls

  • * Idea evaluation (value: $350)

  • * Monthly reading library

  • * Exclusive rates from strategic vendor partners

  • * 1 year subscription to Mogul Chix Magazine

  • * Structured networking to build REAL relationships & strategic alliances

  • * Valuable mentorship

Mogul Chix | Premium Membership

One year of Mogul Chix premium membership includes:

  • * Unlimited video library + audio & documents (as applicable)

  • * Mogul Chix Academy (6 month program- value: $4,500)

  • * Notice of Contract Bids

  • * Opportunity Matching

  • * Quarterly Business Analysis (value: $4,000)

  • * Free admission to Mogul Chix hosted events 

  • * Free admission to Mastery Classes

  • * Access to private Forum 

  • * Monthly accountability check-in calls

  • * Quarterly 60-Minute CEO Advisory Sessions (value: $1,500 each)

  • * Monthly Reading Library

  • * Quarterly Group Troubleshooting & Hot Seat Sessions

  • * Investor meet & greets

  • * 50% off Angel Investing Bootcamp (value: $2,250)

  • * Access to Channel Partners

  • * Use of job board & applicant tracking system to source talent (value: $1,800)

  • * 1 year subscription to Mogul Chix Magazine

  • * Structured networking to build REAL relationships & strategic alliances

  • * Exclusive rates on business services from strategic Vendor Partners

  • * Valuable mentorship

Mogul Chix Angel Network Membership

Take a look at our Angel Network Membership.

Just as amazing things happen when Female Founders come together, incredible opportunities open up when Female Investors come together.

Mogul Chix created an angel network of accredited Women Investors to provide an opportunity to enhance your investing skills, grow your network and gain access to deals you otherwise wouldn’t find on your own. Membership is $475 per month and is renewable annually. Each annual membership offers:

  • * Access to the Angel Investing Bootcamp ($4,500 value)

  • * Self-Guided (Online) + In Person Continuing Education Courses

  • * Private, Expansive Networking Opportunities

  • * Deal Flow Access

  • * Assistance with Deal Analysis

  • * Discounts & special members only pricing on professional services

  • * Event Discounts

  • * 1st rights to invest in Mogul Chix Academy alumni companies (optional)

  • * Speaking Opportunities

  • * Free Access to Private Events

  • * Participation in Practice Due Diligence Teams

  • * Access to ACA benefits

  • * Pitch Days

  • * Mentorship

  • * Video & Audio Library