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Many women entrepreneurs trying to get financing from a small number of women angels results in a lower success rate.

Jeffrey Sohl, professor of entrepreneurship and director of the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire in Durham

As entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, seek to expand and grow their companies, they are finding that turning to women angel investors is becoming more commonplace as the landscape begins to equalize. More women with disposable income who want to see other women thrive and increase their wealth portfolios are becoming angel investors. Angel Investing for many is not a solo venture. More women are taking an interest in learning how to invest in companies, and seeking a group or fund to participate in, so they are investing in education by attending angel investing bootcamps to get familiar with the process.

Join us for the upcoming Bootcamp May 10-11, 2018.

Mogul Chix trains accredited women investors to become angel investors and offer the opportunity to participate in an angel network group to invest in high growth potential, female founded companies. We host the Angel Investing Bootcamp in select cities to give women the tools, resources and skills they need to become savvy investors. This is a two day bootcamp with 4 follow up virtual sessions. In this bootcamp, attendees will receive:
  • * Angel Investor Training Curriculum: angel investing overview, analyzing your own financial health, due diligence, valuation, deal analysis & structuring, financial and governance overview, idea evaluation, management vetting, post investment relationship management, choosing your investing strategy,  smart portfolio strategy, risk assumption, deal sourcing, term sheets, negotiation, assessing your non-monetary assets, navigating conflict, exit strategy, selecting the right fund for your financial goals, and deal flow.
  • * Course materials, including resources and tools to take with you to practice analyzing deals on your own.
  • * Relevant books to further study.
  • * Mock pitch session.
  • * Team study project.
  • * 25% discount for the Mogul Chix Angel Network Membership.
  • * Breakfast & Lunch both days.
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Just as amazing things happen when Female Founders come together, incredible opportunities open up when Female Investors come together. 
Mogul Chix created an angel network of accredited Women Investors to provide an opportunity to enhance your investing skills, grow your network and gain access to deals you otherwise wouldn’t find on your own. Each annual membership offers:
  • * Access to the Angel Investing Bootcamp ($4,500 value)
  • * Self-Guided (Online) + In Person Continuing Education Courses
  • * Private, Expansive Networking Opportunities
  • * Deal Flow Access
  • * Assistance with Deal Analysis
  • * Discounts & special members only pricing on professional services
  • * Event Discounts
  • * 1st rights to invest in Mogul Chix Academy alumni companies
  • * Speaking Opportunities
  • * Free Access to Private Events
  • * Participation in Practice Due Diligence Teams
  • * Access to ACA benefits
  • * Pitch Days
  • * Mentorship
  • * Video & Audio Library
Membership is $475 per month and is renewable yearly.
Mogul Chix Angel Fund: By Invitation Only
Mogul Chix has a private angel investing fund. We provide investment capital for growth companies in a variety of industries and do not only focus on women-founded companies. This investment fund allows investors to be part of a diverse portfolio of holdings. The minimum capital investment is $10,000. It is not an open fund. It is by invitation only.
If you are interested in joining our fund, please contact us for an interview. You must be an accredited investor as per the SEC.