26 Interactive Lectures. 7 Real World Application Projects. 26 Discussions. 5 Case Studies. 1 Simulation Team Project. 1 Pitch Project.

Think you’re ready for the Mogul Chix Growth Accelerator? Spring 2019 Accelerator is now open!

Join like-minded women entrepreneurs to change the landscape.

Apply to the Mogul Chix Academy Growth Accelerator & build a scalable, profitable company.

What’s keeping you from explosive growth? Why can’t you open that new location? Who are your real 1st, 2nd & 3rd level customers? Are you unable to raise capital? Where are all the talented employees? How will you expand your brand into new lucrative areas? Is it possible to scale fast AND efficiently? How many revenue streams can your business produce profitably? Are there cracks in your delivery and/or manufacturing system? Why aren’t you getting prime shelf space in major retailers? Can your current operations sustain growth?

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