About Us

Accelerate the process of sustainably growing & scaling your company by going from Owner-Reliant to Systems & Team Reliant so you can attract investment.


ogul Chix is a global community and platform that works with Female Founders to strengthen & scale their companies, get them investment ready, and put them on the radar of the investment community. We’re not trying to change the conversation. We’re changing the playing field by preparing Female Founders and educating investors to increase the number of funded women led ventures that have the potential to scale, grow and provide the best return on investor investments. We connect the dots for Female Founders and bridge the gap between them and investors.

Once you’ve learned how to build a scalable company and gain traction that appeals to investors, only then will you be able to effectively pitch for funding. Mogul Chix provides structured business education, private events, access to channel partners, introductions to vetted investors, mentoring and advisory services, discounts on B2B services and resources, and strategic networking opportunities. We take a Founders First approach. And we provide training to the next angel investors. It’s not just about getting advice from women. It’s about getting the best advice from people with expertise who are equipped to guide them.


The Mogul Chix mission is simple. We are preparing female founded companies to grow, scale, and become investment ready. We help companies focus on growth and scalability, reaching profitability, perfecting customer acquisition & retention, sustainable revenue generation, and funding strategies to open more opportunities to ensure their companies are investment ready and positioned in front of the right investors. We’re helping more women entrepreneurs get funding, then teaching them how to fund other female founders to change the investment playing field and build wealth at the same time.

Mogul Chix | Adrienne Graham | Women Entrepreneurs
How it works
Strengthen the company foundation & make it scalable with structured education.
Build a power network of key investors, vendors & strategic partners.
Pitch training & introduction to angels & venture capital firms.
Train members to become Angel Investors to fund other ventures.

Mogul Chix are powerful, chic, driven female founders. They have experienced some success with their businesses, but struggle to achieve next level growth that will move them from having a business to running a profitable, scalable, opportunity producing company. They are ready to lead in their industries, but have encountered obstacles that interfere with their growth, scalability and ability to get funding. Those obstacles are usually because of mental blocks, ineffective or inefficient infrastructure to support growth, improper networks, lack of resources, or (more commonly) connections to get growth capital.

Adrienne Graham, Founder, Mogul Chix

Amazing things happen when Female Founders come together.

What Makes Us Different

* Access to vital resources

* Structured business education

* Strategic investor matchup

* Private events

* Critical mentorship

* Peer to peer accountability

* Guidance through each growth milestone

* Training to become an investor

Partner Opportunities

Let’s Work Together


Are you looking to invest in exceptional female founded companies that are in line with your investment objectives with scalable, well defined business models, have (or have not) already raised seed capital, built great products and shown early validation? Do you have a desire to support female founded companies and see them flourish? Then we want to talk to you. Contact us to discuss how we can work together.


Are you a service provider who offers B2B services to small to mid sized growth companies? Can you offer a special rate or service exclusively to our members? Are you interested in becoming a branded sponsor of female founders? We’d like to talk to you about becoming a Vendor Partner, and how your service or product fits with our members. Contact us and let’s discuss.


Does your show, publication or event report on female founded companies? Are you looking for the next hot company…led by a woman? Are you interested in how women get investment ready? Do you want to showcase inspiring, successful women to your audience? Reach out to us and let’s see how we can establish a mutually beneficial relationship. 

What's Next
Building a Strong Community

Mogul Chix is a place to celebrate Female Founders and the women led ventures that get funded, AND show that it does happen and can happen with work, connections, and lots of faith. By focusing on what’s not readily available and how VCs and angels are ignoring them, it takes away from the accomplishments of the women lead ventures that have succeeded. There’s a lot to be learned and it’s not enough to have books, videos and social media posts. You must be able to APPLY what you’ve learned in practical ways in order for your company to benefit and understand what must be done, how to do it, and with whom. Positive reinforcement and feedback are key to the successful community.