Amazing things happen when Female Founders come together.


Structured business education to learn strategies to properly grow & scale your company to become investment ready.


Meaningful connections with founders who share you drive and who’ve been in your shoes. Access to a trusted, vetted community .


Get access & introductions to ideal Channel Partners to gain more exposure for your company, brand, service & products.


Introductions to investors who believe your company matches their investment objectives and provide valuable partnerships.

How May We Help You?

What’s keeping you from explosive growth? Why can’t you open that new location? Who are your real 1st, 2nd & 3rd level customers? What’s blocking you from raising capital? Where are all the talented employees & why won’t they work for you? How will you expand your brand into new lucrative areas? Why has it been impossible to scale fast AND efficiently? How many revenue streams can your business produce profitably? Are there cracks in your delivery and/or manufacturing system? Why aren’t you getting prime shelf space in major retailers? Can your current operations sustain growth?.

These are all the questions keeping CEOs up at night. Mogul Chix works with Female Founders & Women Entrepreneurs to strengthen, scale & grow their businesses, get them investment ready, and put them on the radar of the investment community.

We provide strategic networking opportunities,  structured business education, mentoring & advisory services, private events, access to channel partners, introductions to vetted investors, discounts on B2B services and valuable resources.

We go deeper into the growth experience than just marketing or social media. We focus on helping you build a solid core from which to operate and eventually expand.

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